The Lamia were a bloodline of Cainites devoted to defending Clan Cappadocian. The founder of the bloodline, Lamia, claimed to be a daughter of Lilith, Adam’s first wife. According to legend, a Cappadocian elder named Lazarus found her performing sacred rites to Lilith, the Dark Mother. Impressed by her skill and perhaps taken with her fierce beauty, he Embraced her alone among the dead (feeding on the recently dead also minimized their chance of starting an outbreak of plague).

In the present era the Lamia are being being revived as the Drakaina within the Tal'Mahe'Ra with help from the sects Harbringers of Skulls and Lilith worshipping mortal witches.

Background: Since the Lamia Embraced women almost exclusively, they seldom had the chance to Embrace trained warriors. Instead, the Gorgons often chose women who had some experience with death. Women who had attempted or contemplated suicide, or had recently committed murder, were common choices. Likewise, women with a pronounced interest in black magic or scholarly pursuits in general were candidates for the Lamia Embrace. Training in combat could come after the gift of immortality.

As of the modern nights, the Lamiae have been revived withing the True Black Hand. Three mortal witches submitted to the Lazarene Harbingers’ Embrace and revived Lamia’s order as the Drakaina.

Character Creation: All Lamia had some combat training, usually from their sires. Physical or Mental Attributes might be primary, as were Skills. The Lamia also tended to have some familiarity with Occult, both from the rites taught to them by their own bloodline and simply by proximity to the Cappadocians.

Clan Disciplines: Fortitude, Necromancy, Potence

Weakness: The Lamia carried the “Seed of Lilith,” a wasting disease spread by their bite. Anyone the Lamia fed upon was required to make a Stamina roll (difficulty 6 for women, 8 for men). If the roll failed, the victim contracted a Black Plague-like pox that was fatal within several days. Any vampire that consumed Lamia blood became a carrier of the disease until all of the Lamia vitae had been purged from his body.

Organization: The sire-childe relationship in the Lamia was very strong, as most Lamia had to remain with their sires for at least a year to achieve the necessary combat skill to be of use. Lamia remained the leader of the bloodline until her destruction, but her first and most important order to her daughter was to serve the Cappadocians.


High Clans: Our masters’ fellows cannot be trusted. Bow, but with one hand on your blade.

Low Clans: Their humors are purer. Sometimes far too pure.

The View From Without

High Clans: The Graverobbers have their own class of bodyguards. Hmm. It’s sad that they need them.

Low Clans: Something is horribly wrong with these plague-bringers.